The digital revolution is increasing the frequency and intensity with which employees need to undergo further training and acquire new skills. Both employees and managers see this as an opportunity. To date, however, there have been no suitable training formats for this need, since classic forms of qualification, such as standardized seminars, courses and further training or degree programs), do not fit the individual competence needs precisely enough and also react too sluggishly to the dynamics of change in the companies.

The innovative, media-supported qualification model of Agile Learning meets this need with an action competence-oriented, media-supported learning in the work process. The model is based on insights gained from research and development projects in professional practice. On this basis, an agile learning model for work process-integrated competence development was designed, which makes use of the experiences of agile project management. Its elements were further developed for in-service learning in the digital transformation. The learning form thus follows the work form and is characterized by the following principles:

  • Aalternating phases of learning, applying and adapting
  • Gcommon competence goals and self-organized cooperation in the team
  • Iterative sprints with reflection and adjustment of the learning goals
  • Llearning projects from real work processes with direct application orientation


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