Media competence in digitalization - A new agile learning culture for in-service qualification.

The project is aimed at companies that expect workflows, employee competencies and management processes to change in the course of the digital transformation. The effects of the digital transformation are individual in each company and at the same time a macroeconomic development. The aim of the project is to work with corporate partners to find tailored solutions and suitable implementation concepts that start directly with the first steps in employee qualification.

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin has already successfully developed a new strategy for the targeted skills acquisition of specialists and managers in another project together with major corporate partners. The special feature is an innovative learning method for work and learning projects, which has the following contents:

  • Analysis of future needs with the management level.
  • Employee-specific, job-related learning objectives with an alternation of learning and work phases (Learn-Test-Adjust)
  • Acquisition of application-oriented methodological, social and communication skills using the technical and media infrastructure already available in the company

Experienced coaches are available for the introduction of the learning method. The company selects the desired employee target group, the subject area and the scope of the learning project. Existing structures are used for the implementation. The necessary media and organizational infrastructure is built up and expanded as needed during the process.



Funding notice

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