Companies still have an increasing need for continuous and dynamic competence development. This requires offers that are company-specific, flexible in time and scope and close to the real work situation. Important approaches are:

Action-oriented learning with the principle of "complete action", which includes planning, preparation, implementation, result checking and evaluation as well as process reflection.
Agile approaches in further education ("agile learning") for dynamic environments with a handling of real tasks from practice in short learning stages.

Workplace-integrated further training offers require so far a longer preliminary run and from the enterprises often internal efforts. Action-oriented further training should therefore be designed in such a way that it retains its advantages in terms of content and didactics and at the same time generates direct benefits for the company from the very beginning.

Project Goals

Development of a practice-oriented combination of the approaches "action-oriented learning" and "agile learning" for continuing vocational education and training

Workplace-integrated learning in the company, involving the trainers / instructors / superiors

Orientation towards direct applicability in companies

All in all: the creation of a procedural standard to which educational institutions can orient themselves.
The aim is that, in the longer term, various training providers will offer different types of job-integrated continuing training that will enable participants to develop their competences in line with their specific needs.

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The project “HO-WARP- Action-Oriented Further Training at the Workplace" has been made possible by a EU-Fund from the ERASMUS+ program for Strategic Parnerships and is being monitored by the “Nationale Agentur Bildung für Europa beim Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung” in Germany


Intellectual Outputs

Here are the Intellectual Outputs (IOs) of the Ho-WARP project. They are all available in English, some also in German and Dutch.