Companies continue to have an increasing need for continuous and dynamic competence development. This requires offerings that are company-specific, flexible in terms of time and scope, and close to the real work situation. Important approaches are:

  • Action-oriented learning with the principle of “complete action”, which includes planning, preparation, implementation, result control and evaluation as well as process reflection.
  • Agile approaches in continuing education (“agile learning”) for dynamic environments with a processing of real tasks from practice in short learning phases.

Up to now, workplace-integrated continuing education programs have required a longer lead time and often internal efforts on the part of companies. Action-oriented continuing education should therefore be designed in such a way that it retains its advantages in terms of content and didactics while generating direct benefits for the company from the outset.

Project goals

  • Development of a practice-oriented combination of the approaches “action-oriented learning” and “agile learning” for continuing vocational training
  • Workplace-integrated learning in the company with the involvement of trainers / instructors / supervisors
  • Orientation towards direct applicability in the company

All in all: creation of a procedural standard to which educational institutions can orient themselves.
The aim is that, in the longer term, various educational institutions will offer different forms of workplace-integrated continuing education that enable participants to develop their skills in line with their needs.


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Intellectual Outputs

Here you can find the Intellectual Outputs (IOs) of the Ho-WARP project. They are all available in English, some also in German and Dutch.

IO 1 – Overview report

English: Overview-Report

IO 2 – Case studies and best practices
IO 4 – Framework curriculum

Funding notice

The project “HO-WARP- Action-Oriented Continuing Education at the Workplace” was made possible by an EU grant from the ERASMUS+ program for Strategic Partnerships and is accompanied by the “National Agency Education for Europe at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training” in Germany.